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January 29, 2012

Photo of Clean + Green Phone NumberAre you on Twitter? I’m such a Twitter-phile that I have multiple handles. Follow me via @PatrickMahaney and @CelebrityPetNws (no “e” in News).

Recently, I participated in my first Twitterview, which is basically a Twitter-based interview. I teamed with SeaYu, the San Francisco based company that brings you Clean+Green fragrance free, biodegradable, pet safe, USA made products. We decided #GreenPetChat was the title of our Twitterview, with focus on training your pet to urinate and defecate in the appropriate locations and what to do when they don’t.

What follow is the complete summary of our Twitterview, hashtags (#s) and all.
SeaYu’s Clean+Green proposes the questions to me (hence the .@PatrickMahaneyQ1, Q2, etc at the start of the questions).
.@CleanAndGreenA1, A2, etc designates the start of my answer.
Enjoy! More pet-focused Twitterview chats are in the works.

@CleanAndGreen Twitterview with @PatrickMahaney

.@PatrickMahaney Lets get started – thanks so much for joining us today, Dr. Patrick! #greenpetchat

.@PatrickMahaneyQ1 Housetraining – everyone does it differently! What are your best tips for housetraining a new #pet? #greenpetchat

.@CleanAndGreenA1 My tips for #housetraining are create consistent patterns & reward good bathroom behavior w/praise/treats. #greenpetchat

.@PatrickMahaneyQ2 Gr8 advice! What do you hear from clients are their biggest issues with housetraining their pets? #greenpetchat

.@CleanAndGreenA2 Clients report greatest #housetrainingchallenge is not knowing how to train #pets from positive perspective#greenpetchat

.@PatrickMahaneyQ3 It can be frustrating! When should a #petowner be concerned about their pet “going” in the house?#greenpetchat

.@CleanAndGreenA3 Owner should be concerned if #pet fails on path to appropriate #housetraining by having consistent bad days.#greenpetchat

.@PatrickMahaneyQ4 How can you tell when it is just a behavioral issue (vs. a medical issue)? #greenpetchat

.@CleanAndGreenA4 Behavioral issues are diagnosis of exclusion when #medical problems are ruled out (fecal & urine testing).#greenpetchat

.@PatrickMahaneyQ5 What are some of the reasons for this type of behavior? #greenpetchat

.@CleanAndGreenA5 #Pet owners not making time/effort to establish#housetraining patterns, refusing to crate train, etc #greenpetchat

.@PatrickMahaneyQ6 What are some ways to get the behavior to stop? #greenpetchat

.@CleanAndGreenA6 Give praise/food treat to positively reinforce urinating & defecating in desired location (OUTSIDE). #greenpetchat#vet

.@PatrickMahaneyQ7 For the millions of us who have #cats – what are some of the concerns around housetraining a #kitten ?#greenpetchat

.@CleanAndGreenA7 Fortunately, #cat have instinct to urinate/defecate in private locations, like litter box, & to cover waste.#greenpetchat

.@PatrickMahaneyQ8 Do #cats have similar issues to #dogs in terms of how behavior issues affect their “housetrained” status?#greenpetchat

.@CleanAndGreenA8 Yes, #cats have #behavior probs causing#housetraining #fail. Infrequent litter box cleaning, overcrowding#greenpetchat

.@PatrickMahaneyQ9 What are some of the medical issues at play when a #pet has trouble with #housetraining ? #greenpetchat

.CleanAndGreenA9 #Medical reasons #pet #housetraining #failinclude gastrointestinal #parasites, food intolerance, urinary AbNs#greenpetchat

.@PatrickMahaneyQ10 Are there different issues for #cats than there are for #dogs? #greenpetchat

.@CleanAndGreenA10 Yes, #cats/#dogs have different reasons for#housetraining #fail, but also can have similar/identical prob.#greenpetchat

.@PatrickMahaneyQ11 What can pet owners do to help address those issues? #greenpetchat

.@CleanAndGreenA11 Schedule an exam w/#veterinarian, perform diagnostic testing, explore medical/behavioral treatment options.#greenpetchat

.@PatrickMahaneyQ12 Is there anything owners of younger #petscan do to help curb these problems early on? #greenpetchat

.@CleanAndGreenA12 Yes, owners of juvenile #pets should start#housetraining ASAP & be consistent with commands & praise#greenpetchat

.@PatrickMahaneyQ13 Some of us have older pets, what are some of the causes around incontinence? #greenpetchat

.@CleanAndGreenA13 Urinary & fecal incontinence can be caused by loss of muscle strength/control, generalized weakness, arthritis pain, etc#greenpetchat

.@PatrickMahaneyQ14 One of our team members has a dog with a weak bladder who leaks. What can they do to help the problem?#greenpetchat

.@CleanAndGreenA14 Female spayed #dogs having #urinaryincontinence can benefit from #veterinary prescribed meds (DES, PPA). #greenpetchat

.@PatrickMahaneyQ15 If u could tell everyone that is reading one thing to watch out for with housetraining, what would it be?#greenpetchat

.@CleanAndGreenA15 Re: #housetraining, if #pet repeat urinate/defecate in undesirable location, there’s often #medicalreason! #greenpetchat

.@PatrickMahaney I believe you have saved some good boys and girls some scolding! Thanks so much for your time, Dr. Patrick!#greenpetchat

.@cleanandgreen My pleasure! Anything to help #dog & #cats have better relationship w/owners. I love @CleanAndGreen products.#GreenPetChat

.@PatrickMahaney Thank you so much! Have a wonderful day. :-)#greenpetchat

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TheOldBroad January 30, 2012 at 4:00 AM

Congratulations on your Twitterview interview!

Another great way to share information about the best way to care for our critters.

Patrick Mahaney February 3, 2012 at 11:35 PM

Thank you! This new age of information sharing is all about finding the means of spreading a positive message to interested readers!

Patrick Mahaney February 5, 2012 at 11:15 PM

Thank you! I hope that there will be more Twitterview conversations discussing a variety of pet health topics in the near future. SeaYu is a great company with pet and people safe products that are worth utilizing in your home for healthful cleanliness.

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