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April 6, 2011

As I have gone through the ringer regarding my own health, having survived three bouts of Immune Mediated Hemolytic Anemia (IMHA), I feel compelled to share the stores of other animals who have overcome adverse circumstances.

Photo of Chocolatito Green Blanket Lion Toy

Presenting Chocolatito (AKA Scooter), who is currently being fostered at Two Hands Four Paws, one of the premiere veterinary physical therapy (PT) facilities in Los Angeles. Leslie McMahon, CCMT, CCRT is the founder and president of Two Hands Four Paws.  Here is Lesie’s plea for a new, adoptive home for Chocolatito.

Chocolatito was hit by a car and left for dead by the side of the road in Mexico. A lovely woman found him and brought him home with her. She thought he was barely alive and didn’t have any money to take him to the vet.

I got an email plea stating that a 1 ½ yr old French Poodle had been left with a broken pelvis and two broken legs and was living in a cardboard box on her patio 24/7. It just haunted me that a young, paralyzed dog was living outside in the freezing cold with no potential for proper veterinary care or potential for rehabilitation.

I spent about a week working my resources to organize a village of people to transport Chocolatito to Los Angeles.  It truly took a village. I had at least eight people helping with logistics, vetting, etc.

When Chocolatito arrived I took him straight to an orthopedic surgeon for radiographs (xrays) and found that his pelvis and legs weren’t broken, but he did have spinal cord damage with displacement of multiple vertebra. We also discovered a huge bullet in his back, right above the displaced vertebrae and a BB in his neck. So, not only was Chocolatito hit by a car, he’d also been shot twice.

We have been doing PT daily for about 8 weeks and Chocolatito is regaining function in his hind limbs. Unfortunately, I doubt we will ever see him walk like a normal dog again. He wags his tail like a champ now, goes nuts with the acupuncture needles in his feet, and is definitely getting more feeling back in his hind limbs. Chocolatito can now stand for about 3-5 min at a stretch, but he still cannot advance his legs (although he tries all the time).
Chocolatito is really really active when in his wheels and scoots around on his knees (hence his nickname Scooter) when not in his wheels. Photo of Chocolatito Gets His Wheels

For being as young as he is, he’s very somber. God only knows what his life was previously like.  He really doesn’t need much more care than your average dog, but he does need some training and a human companion to bring a smile to his face!

Please contact to inquire further about providing a new home for the sweet, special Chocolatito.

Thank you,

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