Binky LaRue Overcomes Adversity and Shows Skills on Her High Tech Wheels

Binky LaRue Takes Flight on Her High Tech Wheels

  This article originally appeared on Dr Mahaney’s The Daily Vet column on petMD. “Pawdicapped,” disabled, mobility challenged; whatever term you apply to a person or pet lacking the normal ability to physically ambulate doesn’t really matter. More important is the practice of respect applied to these special individuals and the recognition of the lessons they teach […]

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Petsami and Laura Nativo Offer an Insightfully Interactive Pet Media Experience

Photo of Laura Nativo Preston Casanova Penelope Additional Dog

These are exciting time for pet loving people due to the plethora of available informative media options based on entertaining and educational content. According to the Time magazine Technology section article ‘The Beast with a Billion Eyes’, YouTube has grown to an impressive “more than four billion page views per day”. With YouTube being so […]

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Binky the 2 Legged Dog Guest Blog

Photo of Binky the Superdog Sporting Cool Glasses Cape and Wheels

I love being able to feature the remarkable stories of other pets that have overcome remarkable odds on my blog. Recently, after having brunch with some of my dads’ friends at Los Angeles’ notorious Doughboys, I had a chance meeting with a super cool pooch who used his amazing core strength to stand up on […]

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Greenberg Movie Dog Has IMHA Just Like Me

Thumbnail image for Greenberg Movie Dog Has IMHA Just Like Me

Recently, my dads watched a pay per view movie in their hotel room called “Greenberg.” I know my one dad was really looking forward to seeing this movie, yet he was largely disappointed but for some interesting portrayals of Los Angeles veterinary hospitals and my illness, IMHA (Immune Mediated Hemolytic Anemia- See Veterinary Partner link). […]

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Rescue Cat Pretzel Thrives With Foster But Yearns For Permanent Home

Thumbnail image for Rescue Cat Pretzel Thrives With Foster But Yearns For Permanent Home

A few months back, I introduced you to Pretzel the cat (see Please Help Pretzel the Cat Survive Another 7 Lives). At the time, Pretzel was in the initial process of recovering from a series of potentially life threatening traumatic abnormalities. Since then, Pretzel has continued to improve. Now she just needs a new, permanent […]

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