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ActivPhy Testimonial: Vanilla the Maltipoo with Severe Luxating Patellas

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Have you ever given your pet a nutraceutical (i.e. supplement) to promte joint health? I’ve been working with and promoting ActivPhy  due to it’s abilitiy to counteract joint inflammation in a safe and natural way by inhibiting the COX-2 enzyme. With consistent use, ActivPhy can reduce your dog’s reliance on prescription medications potentially having mild […]

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How My Personal Journey from Fat to Fit Applies to You and Your Pets

Photo of Dr Patrick Mahaney and Cardiff Hike in Palm Springs Above the Bob Hope House

This article appeared on petMD as part of Dr Mahaney’s The Daily Vet series. Now that the New Year’s Eve dust has settled, it’s time to officially set the tone for a positive 2012 by incorporating more exercise into your and your pet’s daily regimen (see Make 2012 Your Pet’s Best Ever, With Three Reasonable […]

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Make 2012 Your Pet’s Best Ever With Three Reasonable New Year’s Resolutions

What 2012 New Year’s resolutions are you making for yourself? This year, I’m pledging to spend more unscheduled play time with my dog, Cardiff, in commemoration of two healthy years since his last episode of Immune Mediated Hemolytic Anemia (see I Am So Thankful for the Health of My Dog). How about New Year’s resolutions […]

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Dr Patrick Mahaney Weighs in on National Pet Obesity Awareness Day for petMD

Photo of Obese Orange White Cat

This article appeared on petMD’s The Daily Vet to commemorate National Pet Obesity Awareness Day (Wednesday, October 13, 2011). Do you have a corpulent canine or flabby feline? Can you determine if your pet is overweight or obese? What can be done to safely promote weight loss and improved health? These are all questions pet […]

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Back to School Canine Fitness Tips

Cardiff Jumps for Joy in Laguna Beach

As our summer crawls to its inevitable conclusion and America’s children return to school, families must disallow the hectic nature of academia and extracurricular activities from contributing to reduced activity and emotional stimulation for our animal companions. Obesity is clearly an epidemic affecting people and pets. According to the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention (APOP), […]

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