Memorial for Nike the German Shepherd Dog

Rory and Nike

Transitioning from one year to the next always permits reflection on my current place in life, especially regarding the relationship I have with my canine companion, Cardiff. We had a sad end to 2011 in losing our friend and neighbor Nike, the German Shepherd Dog. Nike was a truly amazing girl. I first got to […]

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Dr Patrick Mahaney on TeddyHilton.com

I am grateful to have the opportunity to work with Perez Hilton on his pet site, Teddy Hilton, which is dedicated to his Goldendoodle, Teddy. Please check out my pet health videos, vet tips of the week, Q & A, and celebrity-directed pet care suggestions. Please “like” and “share” on Facebook and Twitter directly on […]

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Halloween 2010 Canine Extravaganza

Handsome Little Devil Costume Halloween 2010

I am so happy that my IMHA is in remission and my good health permitted me to celebrate my 6th Halloween. In general, I tolerate costumes very well but don’t want Halloween outfits to be part of my everyday life. My dads are always looking out for my best interests and have me wear costumes […]

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Hanging in Santa Barbara with My New Friend Ike

Thumbnail image for Hanging in Santa Barbara with My New Friend Ike

It is so great to be healthy again now that my IMHA is in remission. I am so fortunate to be able to take a recent road trip with my dads up to Santa Barbara. We had so much fun walking around town, going to the beach, and getting together with friends both new and […]

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Representing the LGBT Community as a Practicing Veterinarian

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In the midst of our multinational 2010 Pride festivities, I feel compelled to share my coming out story and how I continue to represent the LGBT community in my veterinary practice. Happy Pride!   As I came out of the closet during veterinary school, way back in 1997, I had to prepare myself for the […]

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