petMD Provides Advice to Dog Owners in Midst of Canine Influenza Outbreak

Did you know that dogs can also be infected with influenza virus. They are actually prone to influenza from pigs (“swine flu”), within their own species (canine influenza), and potentially from other species (time will tell). At the advent of the outbreak of canine influenza in April, 2015 in the midwest, I weighed in on […]

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Ticks: Opportunistic Bloodsuckers and Vectors for Disease Transmission

One of these Lyme Disease spreading ticks could end up on you or your pet.

This article originally appeared on Dr. Mahaney’s The Daily Vet column on petMD. Now that you’ve gotten up to speed on the Clinical Signs, Infectious Diseases, and Natural Treatment Options for Fleas, let’s move onto the flea’s fellow blood-sucking proverbial cousin, the tick. Tick Appropriate Environments and Situational Opportunism Like fleas, ticks require the right combination of environmental […]

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Clinical Signs, Infectious Diseases, and Natural Treatment Options for Fleas

Some Dogs Prefer to Be Scratched Instead of Scratching Themselves

This article originally appeared on Dr Mahaney’sThe Daily Vet column on petMD. Fleas are a subject of much disdain for people and pets alike. No pet owner wants to see their beloved Fido or Fluffy subjected to the blood sucking physiologic needs of the flea. Preventing flea infestation takes a consistent effort on behalf of the […]

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Kenneling Concerns for Pet Health and Safety

Cardiff Prefers a Cage Free Option When Boarding

When considering your summertime plans, including your pet may not be the most appropriate choice for your particular circumstance. After all, there are many occasions when a pet’s presence may be impractical, unsafe or merely unwelcome. Although I strive to include my dog (Cardiff) in my daily activities and travel, I recognize that sometimes this […]

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Reduce the Potential for Zoonotic Disease Transmission

Photo of 2009 H1N1 Influenza Virus Photo Credit CDC

This article originally appeared on Dr Mahaney’s The Daily Vet columnon petMD. What makes a kid-friendly pet? From my standpoint as a clinical practice veterinarian, kid-friendly pets are those that won’t directly traumatize a child or spread illness. Pets always have the potential to traumatize a child by scratching, biting, or pushing one over. Additionally, […]

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