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My Haute Haircut Fresh From SPOT

Photo of Cardiff Haircut Spot

While my dad was away in Peru doing veterinary volunteer work with Amazon Cares, I had ample time to bond with my other dad. Even though I was really getting my long haired look, which featured (past tense) an edgy, snazzy mohawk, I needed some fresh dogscaping. 
My other dad took my for day of […]

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A Grateful Thank You To All Supporters of My Amazon Cares Cause

photo of Dr Patrick Mahaney Peru Dog Tamanco

My trip to Peru has concluded and all I have to show for it is my series “Vets Abroad” blog posts, a vast collection of commemorative photos, and resolving scars from nasty insect bites. Then again, I’d rather not have bought home an undesirable traveling companion in the form of Malaria, Dengue Fever, or some […]

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The Elephant Dog of Mazan

Photo of Elephant Dog Malzan Peru

He lay there alone on the side of the human health clinic in the remote Peruvian town of Mazan. The clinic operated as the medical and surgical treatment facility for Amazon Cares for the day, so I got an up close and personal look at the poor pooch. He was an intact male of undetermined […]

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Dog Named Little Onion Survives Wild Boar Attack

Photo of Dr Patrick Mahaney and Cebollion Little Onion Dog Peru

When our boat pulled up to the scenic village of Tamanco on the Amazon River, I was greeted by a grassy field filled with children at play, cows turned out to pasture, and a few barking dogs corralling their human and bovine herd. The idyllic scene made for a pleasant day doing challenging veterinary work […]

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Bot Fly Larvae Are My Zebras

Photo of Patrick Mahaney Eats Bot Fly Larva

During veterinary school, there are many illnesses about which we burgeoning doctors are educated. Many are common diseases which we face in clinical practice on a regular basis. Others are less common and are given the nickname “zebras”. I just treated one of these zebras in the form of bot fly (Dermatobia Hominisor) larvae removal […]

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