Dr. Patrick Mahaney Featured Veterinary Blogger to Follow for 2013

It’s a great honor to be included among my other writers in the field of animal health and welfare as Featured Veterinary Blogger to Follow by Here’s my feature: Dr. Patrick Mahaney is a celebrity in the world of veterinary medicine. He provides holistic veterinary medical consultations in his clients’ Los Angeles-area homes, at the Veterinary […]

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Pet Food: The Good, The Bad, and The Healthy via PetSafe

As a holistic veterinary health care provider, educating pet owners about the good, bad, and questionable ingredients in commercially available pet foods and treats is a passion of mine.  After all, our health begins with the foods we eat, the water we drink, and our daily habits. By providing their pets with commercially available dry […]

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MUTTerings With Nikki Moustaki: I Eat Poop, Therefore I am (Really Gross) for Dog Channel

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I’m honored to be called up to contribute my veterinary perspective to articles written by my fellow pet media cohorts.  My friend Nikki Moustaki published this post on a topic of questionable taste for  I Eat Poop, Therefore I Am (Gross) I have three dogs, two youngsters, Pearl and Zoey, and a senior, Pepper. Because Pepper […]

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VIN News Contribution: Will Relaxed Marijuana Laws Produce More Stoned Dogs?

Have you ever considered the effects marijuana could have on your pet?   While working emergency practice in West Hollywood, I have treated marijuana toxicity in dogs on many occasions. Recently, I was approached by a Edie Lau, a reporter from the Veterinary Information Network (VIN), to share my perspective and a video I shot of […]

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Myths and Truths in Disney’s Frankenweenie Movie

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This article originally appeared on Dr. Mahaney’s The Daily Vet column on petMD. Although I enjoyed Disney’s spookily themed movie Frankenweenie, watching any media production involving pets is never an escapist experience for me. My veterinary medical mind always defaults to reading into the messages being conveyed by the characters and story about the human-companion-animal bond and pet […]

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