Flying With a Dog: Should You Take Your Dog on a Plane via

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Do you travel on an airplane with your dog? Although man owners do so, airline travel is not appropriate for all dogs due to their health, behavior, or other factors. I always advocate that dog owners plan well in advance when taking their canine companions on an airplane and not need to make spur-of-the-moment decisions […]

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Kenneling Concerns for Pet Health and Safety

Cardiff Prefers a Cage Free Option When Boarding

When considering your summertime plans, including your pet may not be the most appropriate choice for your particular circumstance. After all, there are many occasions when a pet’s presence may be impractical, unsafe or merely unwelcome. Although I strive to include my dog (Cardiff) in my daily activities and travel, I recognize that sometimes this […]

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On the Road Again—Pet Safety Tips

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Now that you’ve read The Summertime Pet Safety Series parts I (The Dog Days of Summer) and II (Summertime Festive Food Safety), let’s move onto the final topic of pet-safe car travel. Summertime presents abundant opportunities to get outside; far more than permitted during winter’s chilly months. Sunny skies and balmy weather motivate plans for […]

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Is Fido Doggone Ready for Vacation? We’ve Got You Covered!

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If are a regular reader of Patrick’s Blog, you have seen my occasional guest blogs. Here is an informative read from Carol Bryant, FIDO Friendly Social Media & PR Director/Writer/Blogger. Vacation: Those eight letters that so many of us pine for, perhaps once a year or perhaps a weekend getaway. For many canine owners, hitting […]

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Journey into the Jungle from Lima to Iquitos

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Considering I stayed up late to where natural (with the help of melatonin) fatigue compelled me to actually sleep, I woke up in Lima feeling quite well rested at 8 am Peruvian time without an alarm. Check out the view from my hotel that greeted me in the morning. A hotel arranged car was transporting […]

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