The Art of Racing In The Rain

Dr. Mahaney’s Pet Themed Book Reviews for 2012

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 This article originally appeared on Dr. Mahaney’s The Daily Vet column on petMD. Being a very visual person who is easily stimulated by the images I see on television and online, I read to calm my mind late at night before dozing off for some much needed rest. So, I’ve put together my top five (i.e., the […]

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Could Enzo From The Art of Racing in The Rain Have Lived More Comfortably As A Senior Dog

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Until recently, I have strayed away from pet memoirs for recreational reading. As my professional day as a veterinarian is filled with heart wrenching stories of canine and feline illness, I need more escapist literary fare to take my mind off of work.  Steig Llarson’s The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo series has nicely done […]

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Rainforest Canopy Walk Tests My Walking Skills

Photo of Patrick Mahaney Rainforest Bridge Peru

Although I feel as though I have well mastered the ability to walk (yet chewing gum and doing so can sometimes be a challenge), this basic skill was recently put to test. As I have been working hard during my vets abroad trip with Amazon Cares to Peru (see Capturing Treating and Releasing the Street […]

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