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Where is Patrick the Pit Bull and How is He Doing in His Recovery- Part 3

This article originally appeared on petMD News as The Will to Survive – Patrick’s Story, Part 3 Now that you have read The Will to Survive — Patrick’s Story Part 1 and Part 2, we move on to the concluding segment of his tale of recovery. As Patrick continues to thrive, Kisha Curtis is finally […]

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How Physical Rehabilitation Aided Patrick the Pit Bull’s Remarkable Recovery From Abuse and Neglect- Part 1

This article originally appeared on petMD News as The Will To Survive- Patrick’s Story Part 1 It’s nearly the one year anniversary of the world’s introduction to Patrick the Pit Bull, a dog who’s sheer will to overcome unfortunate circumstances propelled him to notoriety as the sweet-faced poster boy for animal neglect and abuse. Working […]

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Dr Mahaney’s Book Review- The Complete Cat’s Meow by Darelene Arden

Photo of Complete Cats Meow Book Cover Darlene Arden

My clinical practice in veterinary acupuncture primarily caters to dogs, but feline patients, especially those with immune system compromising conditions (cancer, chronic infection, etc) have been increasingly coming my way for treatment. The inquisitive clients attached to my cat patients always have a variety of questions for which I strive to give the most helpful […]

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Secrets of Physical Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy for Animals

Susan Davis Gets Kisses From A Patient

If are a regular reader of Patrick’s Blog, you have seen some of the features by guest bloggers. Here are some great suggestions about physical rehabilitation from Susan E Davis, PT. Susan is a licensed physical therapist and owner of Joycare Onsite, LLC. Susan offers canine and small animal physical therapy in New Jersey (I […]

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Could Enzo From The Art of Racing in The Rain Have Lived More Comfortably As A Senior Dog

Photo of The Art of Racing In The Rain Cover

Until recently, I have strayed away from pet memoirs for recreational reading. As my professional day as a veterinarian is filled with heart wrenching stories of canine and feline illness, I need more escapist literary fare to take my mind off of work.  Steig Llarson’s The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo series has nicely done […]

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