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Memorial for Nestor the Cat

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It’s always sad to experience the loss of one of my patients. Creating a memorial helps my clients say goodbye to their canine or feline companion by celebrating the pet’s life. Recently, one of my cat patients, Nestor, peacefully left us for the other side. Here are the recollections from Nestor’s family: Our feline companion of […]

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Memorial for Mona the Dalmatian

Photo of Mona Receives Acupuncture Electrostimulation Treatment

My practice is primarily focused on improving the quality of life of dogs and cats of all ages, yet the majority of my patients are in their senior years of life and have compromise to their overall comfort and mobility. As a result, there is an inevitable conclusion to the time I spend with my […]

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Memorial for Nike the German Shepherd Dog

Rory and Nike

Transitioning from one year to the next always permits reflection on my current place in life, especially regarding the relationship I have with my canine companion, Cardiff. We had a sad end to 2011 in losing our friend and neighbor Nike, the German Shepherd Dog. Nike was a truly amazing girl. I first got to […]

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Memorial for Trixie the Rottweiler

Although I find it hard to let my patients pass on to their next stage of being, it is the inevitable life conclusion regardless of your species. Recently, a favorite acupuncture patient of mine, Trixie, departed this world but her owner fondly commemorates her with indelible images and the following poetic words. She is our […]

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Memorial for Quinn the Border Collie Mix

Photo of Quinn Last Trip to Beach

It is never easy to let a beloved pet go and is especially hard when they have been part of our lives for many years. Quinn, a sweet, senior canine patient of mine, was put to forever rest after his long battle with illness. Here are Quinn’s owner’s words written on the evening before the […]

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