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Canine and Feline Hip Dysplasia: Causes, Treatment and Prevention

One of the most common diagnoses that creates great cause for alarm among many pet owners is hip dysplasia.   Fortunately, having your dog or cat diagnosed with the condition does not mean a death sentence.  Instead, owners of hip dysplasia-affected pets should consider the option for surgical correction and must implement a series of […]

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Can I Get a Vet Who Makes House Calls? Yes, Please via

Remember back in the day when doctors made house calls to attend to their sick patients in the comfort of their own homes?  Well, house call medical practice never went away, but most people are so familiar with idea of going to the doctor or veterinary hospital to address their or their pet’s health concerns […]

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Veterinarians Answer: Lyme Vaccine- Yay or Nay via My Dog’s Symptoms

Jana Rade again called upon me and my fellow veterinary writers for My Dog’s Symptoms .  As we’ve moving into the moist and warmer days of spring, ticks will start to emerge that can bite your pet and potentially transmit bacteria capable of causing severe illness.     One such illness is Lyme disease, which is […]

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Holistic Vets: Dr. Mahaney Covers Dental Health for Pets

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What kind of daily home dental care do you provide? I brush my dog Cardiff’s teeth every night. Yes, every night. I dip the bristles of a toothbrush into the liquid from DentAcetic wipes. I then follow up by using a DentAcetic wipe. This combination, especially the toothbrush aspect, has kept Cardiff’s teeth cleaner than […]

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Dr. Mahaney’s Top Ten Tips for Walking your Pet

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January is Walk Your Pet Month, so it’s time to get up and moving.  Check out my top 10 reasons why walking your pet is a simple and important aspect of promoting his mental health and well-being in this article Dr. Mahaney’s Top Pet Travel Safety Tips Thank you for reading this article.  Your constructive comments are welcome […]

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