Kenneling Concerns for Pet Health and Safety

Cardiff Prefers a Cage Free Option When Boarding

When considering your summertime plans, including your pet may not be the most appropriate choice for your particular circumstance. After all, there are many occasions when a pet’s presence may be impractical, unsafe or merely unwelcome. Although I strive to include my dog (Cardiff) in my daily activities and travel, I recognize that sometimes this […]

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The Elephant Dog of Mazan

Photo of Elephant Dog Malzan Peru

He lay there alone on the side of the human health clinic in the remote Peruvian town of Mazan. The clinic operated as the medical and surgical treatment facility for Amazon Cares for the day, so I got an up close and personal look at the poor pooch. He was an intact male of undetermined […]

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Amazon Cares Shelter Dogs Receive Vet Exams and I Love Dogs Supplements

Photo of PM Patrick AC Peru

Our last day at our Amazon Cares summer camp-esque quarters started off with the continuation of the previous night’s thunderstorms. After all, we are in the rainforest, right? Out task for the day was to patrol the adjacent neighborhoods providing education and non-surgical wellness care to the local dogs and cats. The heavy rain kept […]

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Street Dog With Limb Deformity Reminiscent of My DELTA Rescue Patient

The second day of catch, treat, and release for dogs roaming free on the streets of Iquitos had us operating in a familiar setting and feeling more confident in our ability to function efficiently as an international team in support of Amazon Cares. We started this day on a positive note as the pleasant sun […]

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