Holistic Vets: Dr. Patrick Mahaney Talks Chinese Medicine Food Energy for Pets

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Have you ever considered the energetic effects that foods have on your pets’ bodies? Food energy can even be used in a therapeutic manner for pets having certain health conditions. According to traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) food inehrently has energy categorized as Yang (warming), Yin (cooling), or neutral. Additionally, food format (dry, moist, chilled, heated, […]

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The Reality of a Dog With IMHA

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This article originally appeared on as The Reality of a Dog With IMHA. I check my dog’s gums for any change in color from their usual pink to reddish healthy hue to anything that slightly resembles pale. This routine is performed nightly in conjunction with bedtime teeth brushing. I fear those four letters more […]

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Cat Chat & Dog Talk: Dr. Patrick Mahaney Discusses Cardiff’s Role as Wedding Witness and His Non-Clinical IMHA

In my second episode as co-host of Cat Chat & Dog Talk on the Radio Pet Lady Network Tracie Hotchner and I discuss Cardiff’s role in Phil and my recent nuptials and the nature of Cardiff’s chronic and typically fatal immune system disease (IMHA= Immune Mediated Hemolytic Anemia). Hear the full show by following this link: Thank […]

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It’s My Birthday And I’ll Howl If I Want To

Cardiff Fetes His Seventh Birthday With a Sprinkles Canine Cupcake

I’m so pleased to have reached my seventh year of life. After having previously suffered three bouts with typically fatal Immune Mediated Hemolytic Anemia (IMHA), I’m quite lucky to be here. Fortunately, my last hemolytic episode was in December 2009 and my health has never been better due to the holistic wellness plan my dad […]

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How Traditional Eastern Veterinary Medicine Can Be Used in Pet First Aid

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This article originally appeared on Dr Mahaney’s The Daily Vet column on petMD. As they pertain to human and veterinary medical care, emergencies are times of significant distress for all involved parties. Having worked for many years in practices that offer critical care, I am well versed in the situational hardships experienced both by the […]

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