The Truth About Pet Health and #Zooeyia

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Dr Patrick Mahaney: Pet industry expert, veterinarian, colleague, and someone who has spoken at and attended most BlogPaws Conferences. .  Mahaney’s terrier, Cardiff, is living (and thriving) despite his diagnoses of Immune Mediated Hemolytic Anemia and more recently, cancer. Here’s the scoop on vitamins and supplements for dogs from my interview with Dr. Mahaney recently for Fidose […]

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VacciCheck and The Puppy Prodocol Webinar

What strategies do you and your veterinarian take when vaccinating your puppy for Distemper, Adenovirus, and Parvovirus (the D, A, and P in the Distemper combination vaccination)? The timing and appropriate administration of puppy vaccinations are a vitally important as is determining that the vaccination has produced the desired response via the VacciCheck antibody titer […]

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The Science of Loving Our Dogs

This article originally appeared on Dr. Mahaney’s The Daily Vet column on PetMD as The Science of Loving Our Dogs.  In commemoration of Valentine’s Day, I’m investigating the nature of affection and how human interaction benefits the health of both owner and animal companion. I certainly love my pooch and speculate that doing so helps […]

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Dr. Patrick Mahaney to Teach Pet Care Seminar at UCLA Fall 2013

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I greatly enjoyed the first opportunity to promote my message of holistic pet health through higher education in April 2013 when I taught my first Pet Care Seminar through UCLA Extension. My second seminar is coming up soon on 10/19/13. See: Please sing up and/or share this course announcement with fellow pet-minded people on Facebook, […]

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Go Green with Your Pet This Spring

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Are you doing any spring cleaning?  If so, have you taken your pet’s health and safety into consideration before you start spraying, scrubbing, and rinsing?  Chemical agents used in cleaners can cause short and long term toxicity for our pets. Learn more in this article for PetSafe: Go Green with Your Pet This Spring. (Click the hyperlinked […]

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