Pet Food Ingredients: The Questionable

This article originally appeared on my ongoing series of articles for Flexcin International, Inc as Pet Food Labels: Questionable Pet Food Ingredients As part of our “Reading Pet Food Labels” series, we covered the basics along with the ‘Good’ and ‘Bad’ ingredients. Now it’s time to cover the ‘Questionable’ ingredients you may find in your pet’s food or treats. The questionable nature of these […]

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Memorial for Quinn the Border Collie Mix

Photo of Quinn Last Trip to Beach

It is never easy to let a beloved pet go and is especially hard when they have been part of our lives for many years. Quinn, a sweet, senior canine patient of mine, was put to forever rest after his long battle with illness. Here are Quinn’s owner’s words written on the evening before the […]

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Memorial for Kit the Doberman Pinscher

Photo of Kit By the Sea

Offering veterinary services on a house call basis requires me to send my clients’ beloved pets into the next world when their illness is too severe and quality of life is compromised. I recently aided the exit of a sweet Doberman Pinscher, Kit, who is fondly remembered by the words of his human companions. Kit […]

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Memorial For Gromit The Grand Great Dane Mix

One of my long term patients recent passed away after a long life filled with adventure and quality social interaction with other dogs from the Rascal and Chloe Rescue. Gromit was a very regal soul inhabiting the body of a a Great Dane mix. Here are the words of Gromit’s caretaker, who was there until […]

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