Supplements Used to Treat Symptoms of Cancer in Dogs

Now that you’ve read The Integrative Approach to Canine Cancer Treatment, you have a better understanding of why I choose to integrate multiple veterinary medical treatment perspectives in managing Cardiff’s T-Cell Lymphoma. I’m now going to get into more specifics of the nutraceuticals (supplements), herbs, and foods that are part of Cardiff’s integrative health care […]

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Help for Dogs with a Mast Cell Tumor

Carol Bryant of recently sought my veterinary perspective on a particularly nasty type of cancer called Mast Cell Tumor. It’s an insidious disease that can manifest as a solitary or multiple tumors in the skin or can also affect internal organs. The concept of using antihistamines to help combat the side effects of histamine […]

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Embrace Pet Insurance Podcast: Your Intro to Pet Dental Cleanings

Happy Pet Dental Month. Although we just completed the annual commemoration of the needs to care for our pets’ teeth and gums, owners need to realize that daily efforts must be made to reduce the potential for irreversible and life-threatening ailments that can occur due to periodontal disease. Laura Bennett (Embrace Pet Insurance CEO and […]

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Can You Get Your Cat Or Dog Sick?

When you are sick, do you take preventative measures to not expose your canine or feline compainons from your illness? You should, as our pets actually can get sick with our diseases. Check out my veteirnary expert guest contributions in the following article for PolicyGenius: Can you get your cat or dog sick?  Thank you […]

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The Use of Novel Therapeutics to Treat Lymphoma in a Dog

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Cardiff’s last update covered his commencement of chemotherapy  (After Cancer Remission, Using Chemotherapy to Prevent Recurrence ), so in this episode I’ll delve into one of the novel aspects of his cancer treatment. When Cardiff first went through chemotherapy, from January to July 2014, he received a well-established and proven protocol called the University of […]

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