Dr. Patrick Mahaney Talks Hypothyroidism and Arbuckle the Dog on The Pet Show with Dr. Katy

If you heard of my canine patient Arbuckle? He’s an Insta-famous social media star having amassed over 90,000 followers on his @AllAboutArbuckle Instagram page as of 12/18.   Why is Arbuckle so famous?  Well, he’s got quite the story of overcoming adversity as he was found abandoned in the Los Angeles area weighing in at […]

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Veterinarians Answer: Lyme Vaccine- Yay or Nay via Dawg Business

Jana Rade again called upon me and my fellow veterinary writers for Dawg Business .  As we’ve moving into the moist and warmer days of spring, ticks will start to emerge that can bite your pet and potentially transmit bacteria capable of causing severe illness.     One such illness is Lyme disease, which is […]

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Natural Pets TV: Cat Edition- Cat Obesity The Epidemic & It’s Impact to Felines

Thumbnail image for Natural Pets TV: Cat Edition- Cat Obesity The Epidemic & It’s Impact to Felines

Natural Pets TV is an ongoing series of YouTube videos from Pet World Insider dedicated to promoting the best health of our canine feline companions.   In this next episode of Natural Pets TV: Cat Edition, Pet World Insider’s Robert Semrow, Dr. Ken Tudor, NoBowl Feeding System’s  Dr. Liz Bales (my fellow Penn Vet alum), […]

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Join Me at the 2016 Dog Film Festival Los Angeles

Are you a canine aficionado? If so please join Cardiff and me at the Dog Film Festival’s inaugural event in Los Angeles on June 4th and 5th, 2016. Tracie Hotchner, my Holistic Vets cohost on Radio Pet Lady Network, launched the Dog Film Festival in New York City in 2016 and now Los Angeles plays host […]

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Human-Grade Foods Are Better for Pets Than Animal-Grade Foods – Part 2

This article originally appeared on As you know, if you are a regular reader, my dog Cardiff is thriving despite being under long-term chemotherapy for his second emergence of T-Cell Lymphoma. I generally see that my patients who eat whole-food diets throughout their lives have fewer health problems. Additionally, my patients who consume whole-food diets that […]

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