Journey into the Jungle from Lima to Iquitos

Photo of Sheraton Lima Peru Hotel View

Considering I stayed up late to where natural (with the help of melatonin) fatigue compelled me to actually sleep, I woke up in Lima feeling quite well rested at 8 am Peruvian time without an alarm. Check out the view from my hotel that greeted me in the morning. A hotel arranged car was transporting […]

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Pet Owner Perspective On Stem Cell Therapy

Photo of Jasmine Rade Profile

It is always a pleasure to feature the perspective of other pet writers on Patrick’s Blog. This guest blog from Dawg Business‘ Jana Rade is especially current as she shares her personal perspective on stem cell therapy. As a pet parent to Jasmine, Jana has seen the ups and downs of this cutting edge treatment. […]

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Help Send Dr Patrick Mahaney to Peru with Amazon Cares

Photo of I get to Feed the Willaby

As a child, my parents instilled a sense of philanthropy in my siblings and me. I vividly remember the afternoons my mother and I spent driving around Bloomington, Indiana delivering Meals on Wheels to families in need. As an adult, my veterinary work aims to improve the health of my animal patients, therefore positively affecting […]

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