Can You Over-Vaccinate Your Pet?

January 17, 2017

BMAAH vaccination room – Version 2

At this veterinary hospital in Beijing, China there is a dedicated room where pets receive vaccinations

What vaccinations does your pet need to remain free from fatal or non-fatal disease? Is your pet legally required to receive vaccinations? The approach to vaccinating our canine and feline companions should be strategically tailored to the individual pet but also follow legally required guidelines.

In my holistic veterinary practice, I strive to keep my patients protected but not overburden their immune systems through the unnecessary provision of vaccinations for diseases to which the pet is already sufficiently immune. This approach involves consideration of the prior vaccination history, lifestyle, antibody level (evaluated via titer testing), and other factors.

Learn more about my perspective on Core and Non-Core vaccinations and antibody titer testing in the following article for PetMD- Can You Over-Vaccinate Your Pet?

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