Pet Memorial for Emma the Weimaraner

August 5, 2015


Emma is one of the dogs that has a story that must be shared, as she overcame many health concerns during her lifetime to have a good quality of life as a senior Weimaraner.

Emma had Mast Cell Tumors, which manifsted as many subcutaneous and superficial skin masses and went through many surgeries and chemotherapy as part of her disease management process. I never expected Emma to make it as far as she did in life, and she did not succumb to cancer. Ultimately, a variety of other geriatric ailments led to her guardians, Evan and Wayne, to humanely let her go.

Here’s Emma’s memorial as written by her human dad Wayne.

Emma Elias Scheffel “RIP”. Our loving daughter Emma is now in Doggie Heaven. She will be missed by all who got to play tug of war with her. Emma was an amazing companion and love to be around.

Although Emma has physically left us, she’ll always be with us in spirit.

Has your pet overcome odds to get to a place of better health? Feel free to share your experience in the comments section.

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TheOldBroad August 6, 2015 at 3:23 PM

Emma was obviously very much loved.

And what great pictures!

I’m so very sorry for Emma’s human. Please relay my sympathy/empathy.

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