Memorial for Samantha the Beloved Rottweiler Mix

April 20, 2015

Samantha Cooper Rottweiler Mix

Image of Samantha by artist Susan Flanigan

In role as a veterinarian, it’s always tough to lose a patient.  But, it’s an unfortunate part of the job.  As life must come to an inevitable end due to age or illness, all I hope for my patients is that they transition smoothly and are surrounded by their loved ones in the process of leaving this world.

Recently, one of patients left us.  Samantha was a lovely, senior, Rottweiler mix who ultimately succumbed to cancer.  She had a great quality of life despite her illness and was highly cared for by her human caretaker and reveled in the companionship of her Pug family members.


Here’s Samantha’s memorial as written by her human mom.


At first she was my baby girl then patient listener and loyal friend. Lifelong protector and loyal companion.

Trusted babysitter to several children. In the end, a teacher of joy in the midst of suffering.

A light has extinguished in my world but the lessons live on. I hope she touched your lives in some small way too

Deep gratitude to Stephanie and Jennifer who helped me walk Sam down her final path. Heartfelt thanks to Susan Flanigan for allowing Sam’s eyes to continue to fall upon me. 

Image of Samantha by artist Susan Flanigan who’s skilled hand truly captures Samantha’s spirit in a life-like presentation.
Although Samantha’s no longer walking with us, she’ll never be forgotten.
Have you lost a pet to cancer or other illness?  Feel free to share your experience in the comments section.

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TheOldBroad April 21, 2015 at 3:10 PM

Samantha was obviously well-loved by many.

I’ve lost a couple of Fluffies to cancer and it still hurts. Somehow it seems unfair that as we nurse them, we get extremely close to them … and then we lose them.

RIP Winston Alexander and Darlene Yvonne.

Now I must focus on the current Fluffy that has lymphocytic lymphoma and hope she does as well on all the meds as Winston did.

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