Holistic Vets: Dr. Mahaney Talks Cancerous vs Non-Cancerous Skin Masses

May 18, 2016

Have you ever felt a lump or bump on your pet that has caused you concern? Instead of jumping right to tumor termholisticvets-cover3-m5hy6zap1wzq60kh4u4wenv86afupfvofzcb4r2hhcinology, I consider such changes from my patients’ normal skin health to be mass-like lesions.

Having a veterinarian examine your pet’s mass-like is crucial to determine the appropriate steps in establishing a diagnosis and pursuing the most-appropriate treatment.

Cardiff has had multiple skin masses removed, some were benign tumors of oil-producing glands while others were diagnosed to be malignant melanoma (which is never a pleasant finding on top of his already life-changing diagnosis of T-Cell Lymphoma).

In this episode of Holistic Vets , Tracie Hotchner and I cover some of the similarities and differences between cancerous versus non-cancerous skin masses. Follow this link to Radio Pet Lady Network to hear the full show: http://www.radiopetlady.com/shows/podcast-hv/cancerous-vs-non-cancerous-skin-masses/

Dr. Patrick Mahaney

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