Animal House Meet the Hosts via YouTube

September 8, 2015

Version 2In the fall of 2014, I flew to Othello, WA to work with a team of pet experts to help build a new animal shelter for a community in need as part of a pilot for a show called Animal House.

Like Extreme Makeover: Home Edition but for animal rescues, Animal House hosts, production team, corporate sponsors, and local volunteers teamed together to elevate Adams County Pet Rescue’s abiltity to serve cats and dogs in need of medical attention and a forever home.

Here is the introduction to the show’s hosts (including yours truly) on YouTube: Animal House Meet The Hosts 2015.

YouTube Preview Image

I hope that the Animal House team gets to help other communities in the U.S. and abroad with more shelter builds.

Please help spread the word of what Animal House is striving to do by sharing this video via your social media and with pet lovers everywhere.

Thank you,

Dr. PM

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TheOldBroad September 9, 2015 at 3:51 PM

How cool is that! It’s great to know that not everyone is greedy (think: those on TV that want to win something for themselves) and just wants all the animals to have a Forever Home.

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