Megaesophagus in Canines & Felines – What Is It & How It Affects Your Pet’s Health

The esophagus is a structure crucial to overall health, as it’s the tube that transports food and liquid from the mouth to the stomach.     When the esophagus improperly develops, is traumatized by punctures or chemical irritants, or when it improperly functions from a variety of other causes the condition megaesophagus can occur.   […]

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Interview with Clean Label Project Executive Director Jaclyn Bowen

Are you passionate about promoting a toxin-free life for your human and animal family members.  In my holistic veterinary practice I’m highly focused on minimizing toxic exposures in my canine and feline patients as a means of potentially avoiding the short and long term developments of illness.  In my personal life, I also take the […]

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Canine & Feline Kidney Disease–What You Need to Know

The kidneys are paired organs having many crucial roles in the body, including filtering the blood of metabolic breakdown products and toxins, regulating electrolyte, glucose, protein, and water balance, producing hormones that promote red blood cell production, and more.  Needless to say, when the kidneys start to fail the entire body is adversely affected.   […]

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Canine & Feline Osteosarcoma: Causes, Diagnosis & Treatment

Cancer is one of the worst diagnoses any owner can get as pertains to the health of a beloved pet.     Like in humans, there are numerous types of cancer that affect many of our canine and feline companions’ body systems.  One cancer that severely compromises a pet’s quality of life and ultimately leads […]

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Keep Holiday Gift Opening Fun and Safe With Cats on

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Gift giving is a prominent part of our holiday celebrations, but the festivity around such traditions isn’t necessarily interpreted the same way by our canine and feline companions and health problems can ensue as a result.     Curious felines don’t realize that holiday gift wrapping and decorations are meant to be kept outside of […]

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