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Where’s the Beef: Raw vs. Whole Cooked Food via The Hollywood Reporter

I’m so honored to have been asked to share my holistic veterinary perspective on whole food feeding for pets in The Hollywood Reporter.   The topic of raw vs cooked food is a controversial one in veterinary medicine and in the realm of pet caretaking in general and not all veterinarians think alike as to […]

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4 Red-Flag Ingredients Sneaking Into Your Pet Food

I’m always enthused to share my holistic veterinary perspective on a variety of pet health topics, but having the opportunity to speak on the topic of nutrition is especially important to me.   I’m a firm believer that feeding your pet a nutritionally complete and balanced, human-grade, whole-food diet is the healthier option as compared […]

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Veterinarians Answer: Lyme Vaccine- Yay or Nay via Dawg Business

Jana Rade again called upon me and my fellow veterinary writers for Dawg Business .  As we’ve moving into the moist and warmer days of spring, ticks will start to emerge that can bite your pet and potentially transmit bacteria capable of causing severe illness.     One such illness is Lyme disease, which is […]

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Keep Holiday Gift Opening Fun and Safe With Cats on

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Gift giving is a prominent part of our holiday celebrations, but the festivity around such traditions isn’t necessarily interpreted the same way by our canine and feline companions and health problems can ensue as a result.     Curious felines don’t realize that holiday gift wrapping and decorations are meant to be kept outside of […]

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Dog Parents Guide to Safely Slowing Dog Arthritis

I enjoy partnering with like-minded pet owners and animal-health advocates like Carol Bryant of  Bryant recently sought my veterinary perspective on arthritis treatment. As a holistic veterinarian and certified veterinary acupuncturist, many of my patients suffer from arthitis and I strive to provide relief through multi-modal pain managment.  This means that a combination of […]

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