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Embrace Pet Insurance Podcast: Addressing Problem Behaviors with Dr. Patrick

As a practicing veterinarian, pet behavior is an important topic as it directly affects the relationship my clients have with their canine or feline companion. Often, behavior problems correlate with underlying medical issues. So, getting your veterinarian’s perspective on how ailments (arthritis, urinary tract disease, hypothyroidism, cancer, etc.) potentially are associated with behavior problems is […]

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Cleft Palate in Dogs Awareness

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This article originally appeared on Dr. Mahaney’s The Daily Vet column on PetMD as Cleft Palate in Dogs Awareness. The Internet’s cuteness meter was recently taken by storm with the story of an adorable dog named Josh, who has a birth defect that limits his quality of life and the ability to properly eat and […]

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The Truth About Pet Health and #Zooeyia

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Dr Patrick Mahaney: Pet industry expert, veterinarian, colleague, and someone who has spoken at and attended most BlogPaws Conferences. .  Mahaney’s terrier, Cardiff, is living (and thriving) despite his diagnoses of Immune Mediated Hemolytic Anemia and more recently, cancer. Here’s the scoop on vitamins and supplements for dogs from my interview with Dr. Mahaney recently for Fidose […]

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Sizzlin’ Summer Safety Tips via Hamptons Pet

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SPF (Summer Pet Fun) Even pets with thick fur run the risk of sunburn. Protect skm by covering the nose, ears and other exposed areas with pet-appropriate clothing or applying a pet-friendly sunscreen free of salicylates and zinc oxide (which are toxic if ingested). Pink-skinned pets should always wear sun protection or be confined to […]

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VacciCheck and The Puppy Prodocol Webinar

What strategies do you and your veterinarian take when vaccinating your puppy for Distemper, Adenovirus, and Parvovirus (the D, A, and P in the Distemper combination vaccination)? The timing and appropriate administration of puppy vaccinations are a vitally important as is determining that the vaccination has produced the desired response via the VacciCheck antibody titer […]

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