Fourth of July Party Time with My Gal Pal Dixie

July 11, 2010

Photo of Daisy and I Celebrate Fourth of July

I has so much fun this year for the Fourth of July. I am also very grateful that my IMHA is in remission and I am healthy enough to party with my dog and people friends!

My dad took me down to Redondo Beach, where I got to hang out with my new canine companion, Dixie. She’s a cool, mixed breed belonging to my dad’s pal and fellow Penn Vet alumnus, Annette.

The intent was for Dixie and I to hang out while my dad and aunt Annette biked around Redondo and Manhattan Beach to take in the stunning visual assortment of Fourth of July craziness. As Dixie and I had not yet met, it was uncertain how we would interact. Fortunately, we hit it off extremely well and are now semi-BFFs (our differing geographic locations may limit the frequent hangout requirement I have when determining my one, true BFF).

I love to celebrate anything, especially holidays, so I was very excited when aunt Annette told me she had a special festive treat for me. You see, Dixie never tolerated wearing the red, white, and blue top hat her mother tried to keep on her head. As a result, the hat is now mine to wear again on future Fourth of July celebrations, president Obama’s next inauguration, or whenever the mood to spread Americana cheer may strike. As you can see, the hat fits me perfectly and I certainly didn’t mind posing for pictures.
Photo of I Love My Fourth of July Hat
Dixie and I had a great day of play together. As aunt Annette also has two kitties, I was completely fixated on them and was totally intrigued by the one that would walk up to me for a close encounter. Dixie engaged in some fun playtime with me by preventing access to my new kitty friends, so we postured, rolled around, play bit, and other canine cavorting activities.

I look forward to hanging out with Dixie, the kitties, and my aunt Annette again sometime soon.

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