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November 27, 2010

I love being able to feature the remarkable stories of other pets that have overcome remarkable odds on my blog. Recently, after having brunch with some of my dads’ friends at Los Angeles’ notorious Doughboys, I had a chance meeting with a super cool pooch who used his amazing core strength to stand up on his hind (only) limbs to greet me.

Here is the first of our ongoing conversations.

Photo of Binky the Superdog Sporting Cool Glasses Cape and Wheels

Dear Cardiff,

So glad to have met you briefly yesterday, I love the fact that your dad is a special vet. Acupuncture is amazing and I am happy that you get healing from it.

I used to be afraid of vets, because the first one I met was at the shelter before I was adopted. Now, I understand that we really need them.

 When my parents  chose me I didn’t have wheels and the concrete sidewalks were so hard on my chest. Now, as you know, I have a very light scooter that my dad made so I’d get to sniff other dogs like you and race some pretty fast breeds, like Italian Greyhounds!

I don’t miss my front legs, because I never had them. My mom say I don’t need them, because I am gorgeous just as I am. It did take a little time to adjust to my wheels, but I got lots of treats so I went ahead and trusted that I could walk. 

All in all, life is great and being a dog is so much fun. I wouldn’t want to be a human that’s for sure.

Take good care my new friend. Many lickings to you and your dad


Binky the 2 legged Dog

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