Play it Safe- Beware- Cooler Weather and Shorter Days Mean Hidden Dangers via Hamptons Pet

January 29, 2018

Many parts of the United States are still enduring the burden of wintry temperatures and short hours of daylight.
The environmental changes occurring every fall and winter negatively impact the lives of both people and pets.  There are very real dangers out there for our companion canines and felines that we pet owners must be responsible in foreseeing and taking steps to avoid. 
Even if your backyard doesn’t have a blanket of snow, the fallen leaves can contain mold-produced toxins and seasonal plants like the Chrysanthemum or Meadow Saffron or Clematis have a toxic effect on the digestive tract and other organ systems when ingested.
Reduced daylight hours put our pets at risk for low-light trauma while going out for exercise sessions and elimination (i.e. urination and defecation) walks.
Additionally, since cold temperatures drive rodents to seek warmth indoors there’s potential your pet could be exposed to a rodenticide (i.e. “rat poison”).  
Learn more about the above topics via my article Play It Safe- Beware- Cooler Weather and Shorter Days Mean Hidden Dangers as featured in Hamptons Pet Magazine.
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