Dr. Patrick Mahaney Covers 11 Quiet Dog Breeds For People Who Don’t Want to Receive Noise Complaints via Woman’s Day

October 28, 2019


As Cavalier King Charles Spaniels Bandit and Buddy are examples of breeds known to be quiet

Offhand, I cannot think of any of my clients who specifically want a dog that is loud and causes a ruckus in their home environment or while out and about in the world.  Yet, some barking and other canine-centric noises can be beneficial to a household to potentially keep away intruders.

As a general rule, I prefer dogs that are generally quiet and implore my clients to pursue canine companions having calm temperaments in order to strive to have more pleasant home lives.
Some dog breeds are known to have quieter dispositions, but any dog of mixed or pure breeding could also fit the quiet bill (i.e. being quiet is not exclusive to pure breed dogs).
Check out my veterinary perspective on what dog breeds have a reputation for being quieter for Woman’s Day  author Corinne Sullivan.
Learn more here 11 Quiet Dog Breeds For People Who Don’t Want to Receive Noise Complaints and please share it with your fellow canine lovers..  
Do you have your own perspective on quiet dog breeds?  Feel free to share your views in the Comments section.

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