Burned French Bulldog Continues to Heal with Acupuncture Treatments

November 14, 2010

Photo of Buddha Receives Acupuncture to Heal His Burns

Over 10 months ago, one of my favorite patients suffered one of the most horrific traumas I have seen in my 11 years of veterinary practice. Buddha, a brindle, French Bulldog, incurred third degree burns over his neck and chest from an unknown cause.

Buddha’s owner was unwilling to undertake the financial responsibilities involved in treating such severe burns and intended to euthanize Buddha. As I have known Buddha since puppyhood, I couldn’t let him be put to sleep. I knew that he would heal with medical and possibly surgical treatment. Therefore, I had the owner surrender ownership of Buddha. Fortunately, the Rascal and Chloe Fund, Inc. stepped in to finance Buddha’s extensive, long term treatment and placed him in a loving, permanent home.

Initially, Buddha needed to be sedated or anesthetized for bandage changes and debridement (removal) of dead skin. With time, granulation tissue (“new skin”) filled in the gaps and scars formed. As Buddha is an otherwise healthy adult, he has healed consistently and the burned skin gradually appears more normal. Remarkably, Buddha has not needed surgery to close his wounds.

As part of my house call based acupuncture practice, California Pet Acupuncture & Wellness, Inc., I provide dry needle and electroacupuncture treatments to promote Buddha’s healing process. It has been truly amazing to see Buddha’s progress.

During Buddha’s treatment, I document the diminishing appearance of his scar and the surprising appearance of new hair growth. Please view Buddha’s photo gallery (WARNING– some photos are graphic) showing his progress.

Buddha’s ongoing medical care is being funded by the Rascal & Chloe Fund, Inc. and the philanthropic donations good Samaritans make in Buddha’s name. The Rascal & Chloe fund have been incredibly generous with their financial donations, time, and emotional support in taking responsibility for Buddha’s care.

Please consider helping to make an ongoing difference in Buddha and other pet’s lives by making a tax deductible donation to the Rascal & Chloe Fund. Follow the PayPal link on the bottom of their webpage.

Feel free to leave well wishes for Buddha in the comments section below.

Thank you,
Buddha and Dr. Mahaney

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